Lady Oh Lady

(Gasolin' / Gasolin' - Mick Moloney)

Lady, oh lady, I love you
I know you love me too
And whatever we have to go through
Oh let us go, I'll be with you

I know we've had some stupid fights
And you suffered lonely nights
Yes, I know I've been so hard to please
Forgive me, for I am yours

I've been a hustler and a clown
And I've cheated you and let you down
And stolen all your precious love
I know you know, well oh yeah oh yeah

All right, I've tried to leave you
But to me you're beside me, just as beautiful
As the very first day when you kissed me
So tenderly, so tenderly

Woman, I hope you'll stay with me
'Til the end of time
And I hope you'll still be mine
When we drift away the tide

So lady, oh lady, won't you dream with me
Dream with me tonight
When we speak of golden rays
Beneath the stars twinkling so bright

No, don't be afraid of what they say
It's just to hold you tight
When they ask you why
There's a thousand miles between you and I
No, no, it's not so

All right, I've tried to leave you
But to me you're beside me, just as beautiful
As the vdry first day when you met me so tenderly
So tenderly, so tenderly

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1976 What A Lemon

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Tour 2018

28/06 Den Grønne v/Nyborg Slot
29/06 Kulturværftet, Havnefronten
30/06 Rønnebæksholm
05/07 Grindsted Stadion
06/07 Gram Slot
07/07 Lemvig Gamle Stadion
12/07 Musikhuzets Gårdhave
13/07 Tivoli
14/07 Gl. Estrup - Herregårdsmuseet
19/07 Sct. Knuds Kilde
20/07 Trädgårns Utescene
21/07 Folkets Park
26/07 Canal Street Festival
27/07 Wrightegaarden
28/07 Fredriksvern Verft
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